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Beyond the travel, the experiment is essential. Creativity and passion are the main ideas of our creations. The travel overmeasure is a first experiment, essential to discover a destination. And to go even further, and to make live with the travellers adventures of explorer, OR'NORMES created forwardings, which invite to a trip beyond the standards, to leave time to time, the time of a travel…


That it is a question of accompanying an animalist photographer in search of stereotypes by the extremely rare tiger of Siberia, to spend two weeks in a scientific base to the Antarctic, or to make a rally OR'NORMES on the traces of Paris-Dakar, these forwardings are conceived and carried out by team OR'NORMES. Travel of a life which places the experiment in the middle of the adventure.



If you want an experiment life size, to practise activities such as rides in Patagonie, the uneven ones with bicycle through the plain or to admire the splendour of the lakes and to then see a desert of the name of Atacama a travel to Chile is essential.

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To 250 km north of Arctic circle, Greenland resembles much more one planet that with a country with its territory covered by the icecap. To discover; the frozen Fjord of Kangia and that of Ilulissat, the unique places to observe its size.

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Uganda offers various raw experiences such as meeting with the gorillas of Bwindi, the safaris in the national park of Queen Elizabeth, the discovery of the falls Murchison Falls… You will sure to disconnect from the world!

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Bolivia is a cultural destination through its cities Sweetens and Potosi classified by UNESCO, natural by its white desert Uyuni and its mythical lake Titicaca, authentic from its traditions. How to evoke Bolivia without speaking of Amazonia.

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One would need several lives to discover Brazil. Rio and its carnival, Paraty with its beaches and its village classified by UNESCO, El Salvador with its churches and its historic center, the Falls of Iguazu, its Amazonia and Pantanal with the meeting of Jaguar…

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A trip to Belize will be organized around the paradisiac beaches, of the divings in full of fish water, the excursions in the middle of a wild nature and perhaps a meeting with Jaguar and the Puma, very rare.

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The Viêt - Nam abounds in splendours, the famous bay of Along and its legendary fog, the Mekong delta and its floating markets, the colonial architecture of Hanoi, its perched villages and its ethnic minorities with Sapped and well others still.

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It is rare to find a destination with as many mythical sites. Single Machu Pitcchu, mystical lake Titicaca, as well as the historical city of Cuzco… And to appreciate each moment of your travel, live an experiment on board pullman-car express Belmond.

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New Zealand

Milford track in Zealand News, path considered as one of the most beautiful excursions in the world. To discover rivers with crystalline water and the cascades Sutherland Falls and Browne Falls among highest of planet…

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Botswana has unique ecosystems, the Okavango Delta flooded naturally from May to October, the red Kalahari and Nxai Pan National Park with its lunar landscapes. Enjoy game drives in an exclusive and luxurious lodges.

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Argentina is in hiding of contrasts, big spaces and the nature preserved in Patagonie, the end of the world with Ushusaia and the national park of the Earth of fires are an outline of its natural wealths. And if you want of Tango, made a halt in Buenos Aires.

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With its 41 national parks, Kenya is unquestionably a safari destination. By its size and animal concentration, it has one of largest reserves in Africa. You will also be able to admire the show of the great migration between July and August.

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