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We are unrivalled because we do not follow nor impose  standards, our travellers do not want to follow standards because they are unique and so are the trips we create because they reflect the personality of our travellers. The Greatwall, Bagan, Buenos Aires or the Park Kruger are true wonders but we do not have anything to do with that. However, finding a portion of the Greatwall without no tourist and organizing a private dinner there, privatizing a temple in Bagan for a meditation, helping you discover the Argentinian capital with a philosopher or organizing an elephant ride excluively for you, that is  OR'NORMES.

Everything started in 2002...

 At that time almost no travel agency or tour opperator offered travels via Internet. Trips on catalogue were the norm and tailormade travels were the exception.

OR'NORMES was born after years of meetings, months of travel, thousands of traveled kilometers. We observe the world with the eyes of kids and we design our travels  with the passion of explorators.

The philosophy


Traveling makes it possible to meet the diversity of the world, it illustrates the wealth of nature, proves the relativity of habits, customs and beliefs, and shakes certainties. Traveling is about meeting others, taking the time to live and discover. Traveling opens one's mind, produces feelings and opens the doors to new experiences. It is the philosophy of OR'NORMES.



Our activities encapsulate a variety of know-how that are used so that your trip could reflect your wishes and exoectations from the departure till your return. 

Advising - Designing  - Creating 



Just one travel can change the course of your life. The quality of its design and its creation is essential. OR'NORMES works out each creation in several stages, being meticulous and demanding . The experience starts with listening your desires: a personalized interview to  meet you in person and work out a rough outline. Then it is the fitting discussion  to refine and adjust the details of the travel. The gestures are precise and passionate, for a perfect execution, with the greatest care for every detail which makes the beauty of the end product. After the very lastimprovements, the creation is delivered to the traveller.