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The various countries of South America are characterized pax a very particular nature which does not resemble nowhere elsewhere. Glaciers, Fjords, tropical forests and rivers are within reach. A travel in South America is always transformed into forwarding, the distances and the climatic extremes are only formalities to plunge in the middle of the continent. The tenors of the continent, Brazil and its Pantanal on the traces of Jaguar, its Amazonia and beautiful Rio, Argentina, its falls of Iguazu and its legendary Patagonie, Chile and its single desert of Atacama, Peru and the mystic Machu Pitcchu, Bolivia and its lake Titicaca… and well of others still will answer perfectly your desires of escape, discovered and adventure. South America will captivate the explorers of the ground.


Not very popular, the country however shelters natural wealths and cultural imposing which gain with being discovered: the archipelago of Bahía, Ruins of Copán…

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Savage, intact, authenticates, Guatemala is all at the same time. You plunge in the Amerindian culture on a generous ground in natural beauties.

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A biodiversity which does not have anything to envy its neighbor Costa Rica, Panama is an enchantment for curious, the hikers and the amateurs of idleness.

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Fruit of a rich and complex history, Paraguay saw following one another the Guaranis Indians and of the descendants from all Europe. A country with the airs again World.

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Natural and authentic destination. Discovered of its Uruguay river, its wild coast, Punta del Diablo and Punta del Este its seaside resorts. And of its pretty Montevideo capital, where modernism and tradition intermingle.

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United States

Crossed, imposing, vast, varied, the 50 States which compose the country will not have of cease to surprise you. Welcome with the kingdom of disproportion.

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At the time of a travel to Canada you can live various experiments. Visits of the big cities like Montreal, Excursion and discovered through many the national park, without forgetting the wild life with the polar bear, the brown bear…

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