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Continent with the thousand facets, rich in cultures and landscapes. That is to nourish spirit, to escape or simply take a sun bath, Asia will be able to meet all your needs. Beaches and temples of Thailand to the rice plantations of the Viêt - Nam and Bali via the site of Angkor or the wall of China… without forgetting to make a halt in the Rajasthan time to take a tea vis-a-vis Taj Mahal, all the countries of Asia have secrecies with you liver and stories to tell you… The time of a trekking on the tops of Nepal or Tibet, a cruising on the Irrawaddy river in Burma and why not a diving in transparent water of the Maldives… All the topics are realizable in Asia. How to evoke Asia without quoting its refined hotels which have the taste of the detail and its SPAS known for the wellness brought so much…


The Viêt - Nam abounds in splendours, the famous bay of Along and its legendary fog, the Mekong delta and its floating markets, the colonial architecture of Hanoi, its perched villages and its ethnic minorities with Sapped and well others still.

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Burma is an outstanding destination by the size of its wealths and Zen attitude of its people. The site of Bagan is particularly incredible. Discover also the lake Inlés and its fishermen, the Gold Rock which is not due to nothing, but also the palm trees per thousands of Ngapali…

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Time does not have a catch on this country installed at the bottom of the Himalayas. Landscapes of an extraordinary beauty and architectural wonders. A travel to Bhutan is put rhythm into by meetings of Yoga, the excursions in the valley of Paro and the meetings with monks.

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Attractive ground, Cambodia cannot leave indifferent. A sumptuous country, as rich in history as in landscapes. If there were only one reason to go to Cambodia, it would be Angkor, an indescribable archaeological site which makes us plunge in the history…

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India has as well facets as only one travel could not be enough for you to discover them. Taj Mahal, the pink city Jaipur, the Gange mystic, where the traditional coloured markets are not that a setting in mouth…

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Malaysia, rich country with the multifacettes. One is exotic, the other modern one. The whole is harmonized around a luxuriant flora.

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Multitudes of islands savagely dépaysantes, Indonesia embraces characterial water of the Indian Ocean to make spout out a luxuriant vegetation and a rich fauna.

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A country which looks like irreducible so much it makes conspicuous its enthusiast neighbors of consumption. Laos defends its heritage and its thirst for independence.

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Culture and traditions characterize Japan, the country of the Geishas and technology. Visit Tokyo for its modernism, Kyoto for its past, Hiroshima for the history and Shikoku for its 88 temples…

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To horse or in 4x4, leave on a tour of a country which abounds with landscapes and images filled up with paisibility. The Gobi Desert is worth its heavy of gold.

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Sri Lanka

A remote island whose simple evocation makes emerge from the images to the bright colors and the delicate olfactive memories.

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Small country wedged between the Indian giant and the Chinese colossus, Nepal is an alleviated country. He saw being born Buddha and shelters the single alive goddess in the world.

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