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Continent with the thousand facets, rich in cultures and landscapes. That is to nourish spirit, to escape or simply take a sun bath, Asia will be able to meet all your needs. Beaches and temples of Thailand to the rice plantations of the Viêt - Nam and Bali via the site of Angkor or the wall of China… without forgetting to make a halt in the Rajasthan time to take a tea vis-a-vis Taj Mahal, all the countries of Asia have secrecies with you liver and stories to tell you… The time of a trekking on the tops of Nepal or Tibet, a cruising on the Irrawaddy river in Burma and why not a diving in transparent water of the Maldives… All the topics are realizable in Asia. How to evoke Asia without quoting its refined hotels which have the taste of the detail and its SPAS known for the wellness brought so much…


Its difficult access nourishes imaginary Westerners since centuries. Welcome on a ground of beliefs where mountains and lights found refuge.

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Did you say Thailand? Yes, but which? Its burning capital, its balneal islands of the South or its vegetable North?

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Island, state and city, Singapore are an Asian territory not identified which enjoys a power of attraction and influence beyond the continent.

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Mysterious and gravitational, China does not finish any surprising. In ten years, it does not cease changing and offering diverting prospects.

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Welcome with the country of Thousand and One Nights. Peaceful destination and authenticates, the Sultanate of Oman is a country where hospitality is high with the row of Article.

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The Emirate of Dubai can give itself means of its ambitions. The country made a success of its bet by mingling the charm with old with its modern architectural successes.

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Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is about to becoming a pole considered as regards leisures, of sport and culture. On its territory, beautiful beaches mix with sebkhas.

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