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Beyond the travel, the experiment is essential. Creativity and passion are the main ideas of our creations. The travel overmeasure is a first experiment, essential to discover a destination. And to go even further, and to make live with the travellers adventures of explorer, OR'NORMES created forwardings, which invite to a trip beyond the standards, to leave time to time, the time of a travel…


That it is a question of accompanying an animalist photographer in search of stereotypes by the extremely rare tiger of Siberia, to spend two weeks in a scientific base to the Antarctic, or to make a rally OR'NORMES on the traces of Paris-Dakar, these forwardings are conceived and carried out by team OR'NORMES. Travel of a life which places the experiment in the middle of the adventure.



Malaysia, rich country with the multifacettes. One is exotic, the other modern one. The whole is harmonized around a luxuriant flora.

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Multitudes of islands savagely dépaysantes, Indonesia embraces characterial water of the Indian Ocean to make spout out a luxuriant vegetation and a rich fauna.

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A country which looks like irreducible so much it makes conspicuous its enthusiast neighbors of consumption. Laos defends its heritage and its thirst for independence.

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Culture and traditions characterize Japan, the country of the Geishas and technology. Visit Tokyo for its modernism, Kyoto for its past, Hiroshima for the history and Shikoku for its 88 temples…

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To horse or in 4x4, leave on a tour of a country which abounds with landscapes and images filled up with paisibility. The Gobi Desert is worth its heavy of gold.

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Sri Lanka

A remote island whose simple evocation makes emerge from the images to the bright colors and the delicate olfactive memories.

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Small country wedged between the Indian giant and the Chinese colossus, Nepal is an alleviated country. He saw being born Buddha and shelters the single alive goddess in the world.

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Its difficult access nourishes imaginary Westerners since centuries. Welcome on a ground of beliefs where mountains and lights found refuge.

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Did you say Thailand? Yes, but which? Its burning capital, its balneal islands of the South or its vegetable North?

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Island, state and city, Singapore are an Asian territory not identified which enjoys a power of attraction and influence beyond the continent.

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Mysterious and gravitational, China does not finish any surprising. In ten years, it does not cease changing and offering diverting prospects.

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Welcome with the country of Thousand and One Nights. Peaceful destination and authenticates, the Sultanate of Oman is a country where hospitality is high with the row of Article.

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