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Beyond the travel, the experiment is essential. Creativity and passion are the main ideas of our creations. The travel overmeasure is a first experiment, essential to discover a destination. And to go even further, and to make live with the travellers adventures of explorer, OR'NORMES created forwardings, which invite to a trip beyond the standards, to leave time to time, the time of a travel…


That it is a question of accompanying an animalist photographer in search of stereotypes by the extremely rare tiger of Siberia, to spend two weeks in a scientific base to the Antarctic, or to make a rally OR'NORMES on the traces of Paris-Dakar, these forwardings are conceived and carried out by team OR'NORMES. Travel of a life which places the experiment in the middle of the adventure.



The Emirate of Dubai can give itself means of its ambitions. The country made a success of its bet by mingling the charm with old with its modern architectural successes.

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Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is about to becoming a pole considered as regards leisures, of sport and culture. On its territory, beautiful beaches mix with sebkhas.

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At the borders of Colombia and Peru, Ecuador is a small country with the astonishing and ignored relief which extends from the Pacific in Amazonia.

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Costa Rica

True wild paradise, Coasta Rica offers beaches of dreamed and tops vertiginous, the jungle and the seabeds to you: an impressive diversity.

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With the image of the Latin America, Mexico is bubbling and multiple, rich person of a culture inherited the civilisations which followed one another there.

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Kilometers of beaches to the given lustre to colors, tropical forests and cities with hispano-colonial architecture. In Cuba, time seems to be stopped.

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The colonial vestiges which emergent of Nicaragua make of them a country of a great wealth. Discover the cathedral of Managua or the beautiful town of Granada.

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Not very popular, the country however shelters natural wealths and cultural imposing which gain with being discovered: the archipelago of Bahía, Ruins of Copán…

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Savage, intact, authenticates, Guatemala is all at the same time. You plunge in the Amerindian culture on a generous ground in natural beauties.

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A biodiversity which does not have anything to envy its neighbor Costa Rica, Panama is an enchantment for curious, the hikers and the amateurs of idleness.

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Fruit of a rich and complex history, Paraguay saw following one another the Guaranis Indians and of the descendants from all Europe. A country with the airs again World.

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Natural and authentic destination. Discovered of its Uruguay river, its wild coast, Punta del Diablo and Punta del Este its seaside resorts. And of its pretty Montevideo capital, where modernism and tradition intermingle.

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