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Beyond the travel, the experiment is essential. Creativity and passion are the main ideas of our creations. The travel overmeasure is a first experiment, essential to discover a destination. And to go even further, and to make live with the travellers adventures of explorer, OR'NORMES created forwardings, which invite to a trip beyond the standards, to leave time to time, the time of a travel…


That it is a question of accompanying an animalist photographer in search of stereotypes by the extremely rare tiger of Siberia, to spend two weeks in a scientific base to the Antarctic, or to make a rally OR'NORMES on the traces of Paris-Dakar, these forwardings are conceived and carried out by team OR'NORMES. Travel of a life which places the experiment in the middle of the adventure.



Norway it is the certainty to attérir out of ground of splendours. A wild ground with the attractive ecosystem which seems to have found its balance with the man.

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Portugal, country of character to the pronounced identity, is one of the oldest countries of the continent of Europe. Let you allure. Oporto, Lisbon, Evora…

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Czech Republic

If the visit of the town of Prague, whose beauty charms each year of the thousands of tourists, is “obligatory”, the country hides many other attractions.

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Sweden with the characteristic to offer according to the season, a radically different show. By chance, winter or summer, the show remains fairy-like.

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This small country with the mountainous reliefs is the destination of reference of the amateurs of slips. Switzerland, it is also a medieval past which bubbles of legends.

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At the Eastern and Western crossroads, Turkey charms whoever leaves itself carried. Environment is delicious and poetic there, the hospitaliés inhabitants.

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Russia is a country with the scale of a continent. Regarded as the vastest country of the world, it surprises by its decorations and the complexity of its culture.

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Iceland is a singular country, in margin of its impossible to circumvent European neighbors. Feel the elements to confer on the territory a magic atmosphere.

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Brood in the middle of big lakes and incredible solid masses, Austria is before a whole country with the exceptional architectural heritage with an attractive history.

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The island of the legends could have been its name so much Ireland is impregnated. Let you guide between the castles of Dublin and the grounds of Connemara.

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