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A travel in Europe calls on a diversity of civilisations and innumerable landscapes. It is difficult even impossible to generalize what can be Europe but let guide country in country according to your desires: leave to make trekking in the fjords of Norway, to plunge you in the middle of mythology via Greece, to taste the traditional dishes in Italy and to take a course of flamenco in Spain. Your stay on the topic of the culture will be able to combine the balneal one, the gastronomy and nature.


Called the island of the love in reference to the myth which binds it to Aphrodite, Cyprus accommodates you with open arms and takes along you on a tour of its splendours.

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Economic power of first order, Germany is often ignored for the attraction of its big cities, its vast and dense drills and its festivals.

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From Amsterdam with Haarlem via The Hague, Holland is filled up of a generous, accessible and creative heart. To discover in the car or with bicycle.

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Located at the North-East of Germany, Poland is bordered by the Baltic Sea on more than 500 km. The towns of Warsaw or Cracow have an unquestionable charm.

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Small by the size but large by its character, Belgium abounds in surprised: of Brussels, young and dynamic city, in calm and romantic Bruges.

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Croatia, its islands, its cities and its landscapes of dreamed with the devastating charm. Of Dubrovnik with Zaghreb the country offers what to dazzle the visitors in evil of nature.

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Plunge in the middle of the myths, where the green landscapes appear disarming of mysticism. Scotland is worth the turning but must be tamed.

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A so beautiful country, which hides a multiplicity of facets. Its diversity is such, that she will delight you, no matter what you seek: idleness, outputs, gastronomy.

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The amateurs of excursions, of stroll in rackets or of snowmobile will be filled in a country which, except for the big cities, remains a wild ground.

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Discover or rediscover this kingdom which conceals hilarious treasures. Here famous” the tea time” mixes with sometimes calms it sometimes the eccentricities of its capital.

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Cradle of a civilisation which marked the History of the world, Greece is a destination to which it is difficult not to succumb: Islands, sun, culture.

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Welcome with the countries of the lakes and the cities to the Baroque architecture. Budapest, the capital, is not the only jewel to be discovered urgently. A rich country of mysteries.

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